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Did You Know?

Families and friends contributed over $650,000 to ISDenver during the 2015-16 school year.

Developing Balanced Learners

This year, we are pleased that our giving opportunities focus on giving our students a broad-based education, both inside the classroom and out.

ISDenver is committed to developing balanced learners, which includes focusing on athletics, performing arts, and our progressive concept of Classrooms Without Walls. And this is where all ISDenver supporters can have impact – particularly this year.


We have the opportunity to offer the best possible learning and performing space for assemblies and performances, including enhanced projection, lighting and sound. When children have quality surroundings, the level of their activity often follows as they perform in their ideal environment.

Supporting research for this initiative:

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Kids simply do better when they have physical activity (don’t we all!). Here’s a chance to "up our game" by providing the resources for our students to have a refinished, safer gym floor, greater access to practice and competition space; and increased opportunity for inter-school matches.

Supporting research for this initiative:

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Classrooms Without Walls – experiential learning, if you will – brings our students into the community, and brings the community to the students. Service learning is key to global citizenship; expended resources enable projects for all grade learners, regardless of age. Equally, we’d like to host more performances and guest speakers on our campus - allowing us to a grow as a school.

Supporting research for this initiative:

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