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Going Global

Our students are at home in Denver and around the world.

Being a globally minded community means more than just awareness of the world around us – it is also being part of it. ISD is the only elementary school in metro Denver that offers students international travel opportunities.

During 5th grade, classes travel to the countries of their target languages, a highlight of their bilingual, bi-cultural studies. Students spend 10-14 days living with a host family or in group accommodations, visit classrooms of partner schools, take part in service activities or other culturally relevant projects, and make experience culturally relevant sites in the region. In 8th grade, our students travel to Costa Rica as the capstone of their service learning portion of the IB MYP curriculum.

Although the goal of the travel exchange program is to provide experience in the culture and practice of their target languages, the value of the exchange trips reaches far beyond the two weeks of the actual experience. It’s just one more way that ISDenver works to shape our students into confident world citizens.

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