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2020-21 Reopening and Learning Plans

Updated: August 4, 2020

Our plan is to be back on campus for in-person learning in August. We know that dual language learning and social emotional health is best achieved through in-person interaction. Accordingly, we are planning to return to on-campus instruction with increased health and safety protocols in place to ensure the well-being of all our community members, especially those most at risk.

  • As research about the virus evolves, each of us continues to make adjustments to the new “normal” of an ongoing pandemic. We respect that each family is at a different place with precautions; everyone has a different experience and different perspectives.

  • The school is also realistic that until there is a vaccine for this virus, it will not go away. We are prepared should there be periods throughout the year in which we may need to go virtual for safety reasons.

    • We have taken your feedback on virtual learning, have been in contact with our peer schools throughout the world and locally, and have researched what experts advise as best practices, all in an effort to make sure that our virtual learning practices are up to date and are world class. 

  • Likewise, the look of the school today may very well change in the coming months. Here are our current plans:


On-Campus At A Glance

Optional Livestream Learning: Register by August 6 (deadline extended!)

  • Families that have at-risk households, or do not feel comfortable sending their child(ren) back to school in person, can opt to access classroom instruction via livestream.
    • We expect all learners on campus for the school year unless a parent has indicated their desire for livestream learning in this form by August 6, 2020.
    • We must adhere to the August 6 deadline in order to facilitate the best experience for all involved. Specifically, teachers need to have appropriate time to plan for working with livestream students.
    • In order to best serve all learners, we cannot allow students to switch back-and-forth between livestream and on-campus learning -- please select one and we’ll plan accordingly. It is important for the safety of the cohort that we minimize children transitioning in and out throughout the year.
    • We do understand that circumstances change, so if your child has an extended illness or needs to quarantine, or if you wish to transition to on-campus learning at some point in the year, please contact admissions@isdenver.org. We will address these issues on an as-needed, case-by-case basis.


Frequently Asked Questions on Reopening

  • While these procedures are necessary for health and safety, we realize these  must also be balanced with the social-emotional well being of each member of our community. In all of this, we want to maintain the unique and, frankly, comforting ISDenver feeling we all have when engaging with our international community.
  • Here are some of the questions we have already received - this section will continue to be updated as we approach the start of school. 


Important Technology Updates and Chromebook Pick-Up Schedule

  • Beginning Monday, July 13, ISDenver technology department will begin the rollover process from the 2019-20 to 2020-21 school year.
  • As a result, this will impact all student based applications including Google Classroom, Clever, Lexia, IXL, and Brainpop. These applications will not be fully available until shortly before school starts on August 19, 2020.
  • Please see the sections below for pick-up and drop-off times for current and new Chromebooks at the Welcome Center, starting July 29.
  • Please note ECE students (K1 - K3) will not be assigned a school-issued device.


Virtual Learning Model

To be implemented should the ISDenver campus be closed to in-person learning for any period of time. Please note that this differs from the roadmap for those students who will learn online for the entire school year while most students remain on campus. Note that should all or part of our campus close to on-campus learning due to governor's orders, our plan is to keep all students younger than 6 years old on campus and continue with the curriculum and learning that is in place.

  • ISDenver will provide a well-structured program that leverages the advantages of learning from home while minimizing the negative impact of not being in school. We understand the importance of keeping our students connected as a community to each other, their teachers, and the school in general.
  • We also understand the importance of balancing the use of on-screen activities with engaging activities without the use of screens.
  • Accordingly, our weekly schedules in all three divisions heavily favor real-time learning experiences rather than recorded, asynchronous learning experiences.
  • At the heart of it all is consistent communication between teachers, students, and parents. Here is what you can expect to see in each division:



For Questions About….


General reopening questions info@isdenver.org

General learning questions

Division Principals:

ECE Principal, Maria Rodriguez (K1 - K3):  maria.rodriguez@isdenver.org

Lower School Principal, Beth Cavanaugh (G1 - G5): beth.cavanaugh@isdenver.org

Middle School Principal, Rob Kapner (G6 - G8): rob.kapner@isdenver.org

Technology support 

helpdesk@isdenver.org or the Virtual Learning Support Site

Your child’s emotional well-being

School Counselor Annie Barocas:  annie.barocas@isdenver.org

Student support needs

Director of Student Services, Marzia Mauffrey: marzia.mauffrey@isdenver.org


Parents: access the school portal here for comprehensive school communications.