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The Arts

Instruction in fine arts is one of the hallmarks of a ISDenver education, and reflects a wide variety of genres, periods, and world cultures. 



ISDenver visual arts prioritizes self-expression and an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Your child will explore and engage in:

  • Creative exploration and self-discovery
  • Art expression
  • Art history 
  • Art analysis and critique

Through the introduction and use of the elements of art and principles of design, students build their art knowledge, vocabulary, artistic skills, and take risks via the creative and design process. 


The focus is on the process of the music making rather than the end result.


  • Just as students read and write in their native and target languages to communicate, students are encouraged to "communicate musically." Students both listen to and describe music, evaluate music, understand relationships between music and other disciplines, and understand music as it relates to history and culture.
  • Although students perform what they create in concerts and performances throughout the year, it is the journey in the creating that is most fulfilling for the students. It is our goal to foster and instill lifelong musical involvement in all of our students’ lives. 


Through our music concerts, language program festivals, annual MYP musical/play, and our after-school offerings, students are able to thrive in performing arts settings, including refining their communication and public-speaking skills. Students perform in classes, small groups, and have the opportunity for both musical and spoken word solos. In drama clubs specifically, students learn the fundamentals of theater — the elements of nonverbal performance, components of design and vocabulary.