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ECE/Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Your ISDenver Journey Begins Here.

Through language immersion, creative play, exploration, and problem-solving, our unique approach to early childhood education prepares our learners for a successful future in the classroom and beyond. The overall goal of early childhood at ISDenver is to develop a lifelong love of learning, through a warm and supportive learning environment.

Program Highlights at a Glance

We use “K1-K3” to describe the Early Childhood Program. Here is what that means:

  • K1* is three-year olds,
  • K2* is four-year-olds, and
  • K3*, or Kindergarten, is five to six year olds

(*Children must be this age by October 1 of the academic year.)

Students spend 85-90% of the day learning in one of three languages:

Our teachers are all native speakers of their target language, and are also English-proficient, which makes all the difference for your children’s learning experience!

Our goal is to prepare young children for kindergarten expectations and better achievement in academics and life. We believe that preschool learning should be joyful and respect individual learning styles and developmental readiness.

Our ECE program uses play to introduce inquiry- and project-based learning, allowing students to learn how to ask questions, and adapt to group learning, while teachers still relate to students as individuals. Students start to build their language, literacy and math skills through this approach.

A Unique Teaching Technique: Language Immersion

We believe language is a key component in understanding and navigating different cultures. As research suggests, the younger in age children are when they are exposed to a new language, the more capable they are of acquiring that language (and/or reinforcing their current one). We provide a high level of immersion to maximize the receptiveness of young children to language and to build their working oral language skills during this developmental stage.

The target language is used for teaching and learning in the preschool and Kindergarten classrooms for 90% of the day, exposing the children to bilingual instruction and encouraging education through exploration and activities appropriate for the children’s developmental levels.

When our children move on to our elementary school in Grade 1, they are prepared with the math, reading, and language competence needed to succeed. These experiences are designed to nurture the development of the whole child - emotionally, socially, academically, physically, linguistically, and culturally.

Learn More

A solid educational foundation begins in a nurturing environment with plenty of opportunities for playing, interacting and exploring. At the International School of Denver, our kindergarten goals are to provide children with an early educational base that prepares them for success throughout their academic career and beyond. Learn more about our educational mission and the benefits our ECE/Kindergarten Program offers for your children by contacting us today.

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Visit Our ECE Building

Click on "Early Childhood Education Classroom" in the map page for a 360 tour of our K1-K3 classrooms!

Colorado Shines Rating


Colorado Shines is the state’s quality rating and improvement system. Colorado Shines rates Colorado’s early learning programs, connects families with quality programs, and helps programs improve their quality level. It’s free for programs, professionals and families to use. 

We are a Colorado Shines Level 4 rated program, showing our commitment to supporting children’s health and safety, ensuring our staff are well-trained and effective, providing a supportive learning environment, and helping families be active in their children’s learning. 

Our program is licensed and in good standing, plus it has: 

  • a quality improvement plan in place
  • conducted the Level 2 Quality Indicator Program Assessment
  • completed Colorado Shines Level 2 E-learning Courses
  • registered staff in the Colorado Shines Professional Development and Information System
  • been assessed and rated a Level 4 by a Colorado Shines Quality Ratings Assessor based on:
    • Workforce qualifications
    • Family partnerships
    • Administration
    • Learning environment
    • Child health
  • Or has received a quality level through an alternative pathway

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