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5th Grade French Podcast



Meet Our Program Director

Christele Turner

Christele Turner

ECE Assistant Director, Director of French Program and Accreditation

Did You Know?

Recent studies have shown that multilingual exposure improves not only children's cognitive skills, but also their social abilities.

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French Classes for Kids

Bonjour. Hello!

We are so proud to be a long-standing part of the French community
in Denver since 1977.

Our roots run deep with Denver’s vibrant French community. In 1977, we opened our doors as a French school.

Over our nearly 45 years as the longest lasting and most unique International School in the Rocky Mountains, we added our Spanish and Chinese programs evolving the school into the multicultural, and multilingual school it is today.

French Program at a Glance:

  • 45 year history as a French school.
  • ISDenver is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education.
  • Instruction by native French speakers.
  • Bourse scholarships available for qualifying French nationals.
  • 5th graders spend two weeks in France, the youngest cultural exchange program offered anywhere in the Denver metro.
  • Network of affiliations provides faculty access to the richest pedagogical resources, student projects, and most innovative professional development.
  • Students experiences are enriched through visits from international dignitaries and other Francophile guest speakers.

Accreditations and Pedagogical Affiliations

ISDenver is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, fulfilling the highest educational standards of the United States, France and other French-speaking countries. Instruction is provided exclusively by native French speakers.

5th Grade Podcast

These kids continue to amaze me. They are so engaged in doing this project and they love it. It is like a real-world experience for them. They show their 21st-century skills and creativity. They are writers, collaborators, and communicators, and use technology on their own to produce the final product.

- Christele Turner, Director of French Program and Accreditation