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Making up over half of our student body, our Spanish program is the most sought after at ISDenver - instructed exclusively by native Spanish speakers, where children learn both in and through the target language, and accredited as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The International School of Denver is a role model for the ISA program. The accomplishments in terms of number of Visiting teachers hired, Language Assistants hosted, Professional Development sessions attended are impressive. We do really appreciate your commitment to dual language education and your cooperation with us to take this challenge to the highest level.
-Dr. Jesús Fernández, Education Counselor at the Embassy of Spain in the United States, 7/2/2023

Program Highlights

DELE Exam for Students and Adults

DELE logo

  • ISDenver is the only authorized testing location in the state for the Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) Spanish Language Aptitude Test.
  • This exam assesses Spanish language skills for both students and adults. By passing this exam, individuals receive an official diploma that certifies their degree of competence and mastery, granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.
  • This life-long accreditation can be used to give students advanced placement in high school language classes, and potentially even provide college credits.
  • Adults may use it for college credits, or for acceptance into foreign colleges or places of employment.

2024 Exam Registration

  • This years exam(s) will be held on May, 18th, 2024. We offer the levels below: 

    • A1: $110
    • A2: $115
    • B1: $135
    • B2: $155
    • C1: $170
    • C2: $185
  • To register:

DELE Exam Public Registration

DELE Exam ISDenver Family Registration