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Where science ends, art begins. When the chemist has prepared the sheet, the artist directs the lens and the three torches of observation, feeling and reasoning guide the study of nature...Before, the challenge was to replicate nature; today it is to choose from within nature.
-Photographer Charles Negre (1820-1880)


students learning in STEAM class

STEAM logo

ISDenver is full STEAM ahead with a cutting edge educational model.

What is STEAM?

We understand the value of STEM in education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – and ISDenver takes it one step further, bringing Arts & Music into the equation to create a cohesive, interdisciplinary educational experience for all students.


  • INNOVATIVE: STEAM expands students’ ability to explore the arts: design, drama, speech, music and creative planning

  • INTEGRATIVE: STEAM blends seamlessly with ISD's interdisciplinary learning focus and growth mindset. Our students make connections between subjects and develop into critical thinkers and problem solvers

  • STRATEGIC: Cutting-edge STEAM initiatives, combined with the benefits of the bilingual brain and capped off with a world-class IB middle school means that ISD students are uniquely prepared for high school, college, and careers.

How is ISDenver STEAMing Ahead?

Premier STEAM education requires mobile, flexible and adaptable classrooms, equipment and technology. Thanks to the generous support of our ISDenver community, we have transformed our Peacekeeper building into a STEAM hub for our campus.

This includes:

  • Basement: Music suite with large classroom, individual and group rehearsal, and private instruction space
  • 1st Floor: Art rooms designed for studio instruction, with ideal lighting, storage, and display space
  • 2nd Floor: Labs for collaborative design, technology, and science
  • State of the art technology: 3D printers, a Mac Suite, Google Sketch Up, Lego Mindstorm, FIRST Lego League Robotics, SLR cameras and A/V equipment