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Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers. This can only be successfully achieved in a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, support and problem solving.
-International Baccalaureate Organization, 2010

Counselor's Blog

Introducing Our 2020-21 Counseling Team

Our counselors are excited to get started helping your learners with the support they need this year. Get to know them now, and browse our resources as well!

Annie Barocas

Annie Barocas is in her third year as a counselor at ISDenver. Annie will, again, be serving grades 4-8.  Aside from individual and group counseling, Annie’s primary role is to aid students in their middle school transition process and high school transition process. She is also overseeing our middle school advisory program. In her free time, Annie loves running and competed in her fair share of virtual races this summer. She also loves to cook, not bake because she can’t follow directions well. While travel got put on hold this summer, travel is also a passion of hers. She spent six years leading international service and outdoor adventure trips, and looks forward to when she is able to take ISDenver learners on unique and meaningful travel experiences. 



Nancy Loseke

Nancy Loseke is new to ISDenver this year and will be serving students in ECE - 3rd Grade. Nancy spent eight of the last ten years teaching at international schools in Peru, Kuwait, Poland, and Mongolia. Besides her counseling background, Nancy also has an extensive background in Special Education, having worked in this capacity with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Her primary role this year will be to assist students in developing the skills necessary to become well-rounded individuals who are confident in their learning, kind to others, and interested in the world around them. When not doing her counseling thing, Nancy enjoys spending time with family and friends, binge watching series on Netflix, and cooking. During her time in Mongolia - where crackers were not readily available - Nancy also developed a love of baking. Besides the crackers, she counts a lemon drizzle cake and sugar cookies as her most successful recipes. Nancy is passionate about traveling and looks forward to being able to explore another part of the world in the near future.


Our counselors will be available for individual counseling sessions and will try to continue group lunch sessions as needed. The best way to reach Annie and Nancy is through email, annie.barocas@isdenver.org and nancy.loseke@isdenver.org


Please also check out our SEL blog posts linked below, as well as our digital reading rooms, which are also linked in the Parent Portal!

More Counselor's Blog Posts

 Starting a Conversation About Racial Inequality With Your Children

Of all the school communities, it is ours who should talk about this. The most important thing is to have the conversations - today and always. And realize that our individual perspectives are not the experience of others. Listening, and learning, is essential to moving forward. 

Talking About COVID-19 With Your Children

It is difficult to talk to adults about what is going on in the world right now, let alone have to talk to our children. Our school counselors have put together some talking points for your family to reference as we go through the next few weeks.

So Many Questions: Practicing Appreciative Inquiry With Your Child

The responses we give to our children’s questioning, even at the youngest ages, can help or hinder their abilities to be inquisitive learners in the future. The theory of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is designed to use positive psychology to ask questions and overcome challenges in order to enhance organizational structures, or in this case, family structure. 

New Year, New You: Open-Mindedness

Here at ISDenver, we are using this month to open our minds to new ideas and new people. In order to even begin the process of opening one’s mind to change, we first have to acknowledge that it is okay to have some bias, it is okay to be apprehensive, and it is okay to not understand why you think the way you do. 

Parents: log in to the Portal to visit the counselor's corner website, full of resources for all families as your children navigate their social-emotional growth.