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International School of Denver


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Bilingual Learning Journey

How does our educational model work?


Our bilingual education model is progressive, starting with intense immersion in the early years, approaching a 50/50 instructional model in grades 4 and 5, and ending with a solid emphasis on English while maintaining focused, high-level target language in Middle School. Drill down by ages below:

Why the ISDenver Teaching and Learning Method

First page of the PDF file: BobWhitePaper_4102024_1
Research is debunking the previously held approaches to immersion education and giving way to methodologies that should be shaping the way that we as language school educators think and teach. International School of Denver Head of School, Bob Carignan, underscores new research that has helped inform our Admissions policy as well as pedagogy at the International School of Denver. The student outcomes and data of the approach are compelling.