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Portrait of a Graduate



Meet Lucy, ISDenver Class of 2020

Years attended ISDenver: 11
Year graduated 8th grade: 2020
Current High School: George Washington High School
Degrees (or area of study if not graduated from college yet): Environmental/Electrical Engineering


What is the best advice you can share with someone considering whether studying language is important?

Studying a language is so important for understanding other cultures and their traditions. Language study is a lifelong endeavor that offers continual opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Whether you're studying your first foreign language or your fifth, the process of language learning is both challenging and rewarding.

How has mastery of a language/language changed your life?

The mastery of language has been so vital to my communication skills. It has given me an opportunity that I never would've had before. My ability to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds and cultures has broadened my personal and professional connections.

How has an international perspective aided you in compassion and curiosity?

An international perspective promotes compassion and curiosity by expanding individuals' understanding of the world and encouraging them to connect with others on a deeper level, regardless of cultural differences. This understanding fosters cultural empathy and promotes intercultural competence. 

How did ISDenver help you develop these skills?

Learning a language at ISDenver gives you insight into the traditions, values, and perspectives of the people who speak it. Being able to learn in a diverse community cultivates empathy and understanding, leading to greater compassion toward others' experiences and perspectives.

How does being bilingual direct your life, personally and academically?

It challenges your brain to think in new ways, improving my problem-solving skills, creativity, and memory. Being multilingual, I can exhibit greater mental flexibility and adaptability to solve any problem thrown at me. Throughout the past year, I had the honor of being appointed as the team captain of my robotics team. Every day, I draw upon the invaluable skills instilled in me by ISDenver to fulfill my role as a leader and problem solver.

I would like to give special recognition to the STEAM programs offered and promoted by ISDenver. The opportunity for students to engage with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) at a young age is invaluable, especially in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Encouraging exploration and discovery within STEAM fields not only fosters early interest and proficiency but also nurtures students' passions and talents. It's truly wonderful to see ISDenver empowering young learners to pursue their interests and excel in these critical areas of knowledge and innovation. -Lucy Ellis

Lucy in our design lab as an 8th grader, 2020

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