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How do ISDenver students stack up against their monolingual peers?

How do ISDenver students stack up against their monolingual peers?
How do ISDenver students stack up against their monolingual peers?
Katie Kroeger
How do ISDenver students stack up against their monolingual peers?

Congratulations. You are here, reading this post, doing your due diligence.  

You found our school because the idea of a bilingual, bicultural education sounds interesting to you. If you are already multilingual or the product of an IB education, you probably don’t need much convincing. But, if you are monolingual and went up through a “traditional” school model, well, this post is for you.

The benefits of the bilingual brain are compelling. But it isn’t enough just to be bilingual. It would be a shame not to use those benefits to go deeper, further, better. At the International School of Denver we teach in and through language within the inquiry-based, student-centric curriculum framework known as International Baccalaureate. This model works.

Assessment data validates our immersion + International Baccalaureate model. The data shows that ISDenver students are meeting and exceeding the norms for their age levels across English language usage, reading, and math - while in a bilingual immersion school setting. (Take a moment to let that sink it. Our students are exceeding norms even though our students' first academic languages are Spanish, French, or Chinese!) 

As demonstrated in our most recent MAP Assessment data (Spring 2023) for Grades 2-8, our students significantly outpace the average student in both public and private schools in levels of language usage, reading, and math at every age. Our data on Kindergarten and Grade 1 learners are also indicative of this trend. (Read the full report here.)

Our Human Resources team helped bring an aspect of these numbers into perspective for me. The level of language our 8th graders leave ISDenver with is approximately the equivalent of the English level required of our international faculty. Wow.

What does this look like outside of the numbers? The impressive accomplishments of our alumni bring to life the value of an ISDenver education. Read about Sarah, a 2019 graduate, who fell in love with Math and Languages at ISDenver and is now in the astronuatical engineering program at USC as just one example.

Want to see our educational model in action? Come see it for yourself! Join us for a campus tour or call 303.340-3647 to speak with our Admissions Team!

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