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Some things are worth waiting for. An ISDenver journey through the eyes of a mom.

Some things are worth waiting for. An ISDenver journey through the eyes of a mom.
Some things are worth waiting for. An ISDenver journey through the eyes of a mom.
Katie Kroeger
Some things are worth waiting for. An ISDenver journey through the eyes of a mom.

ISDenver mom, Paula Younger, shared her ISDenver story with us. Her story is one that required patience and persistence. Some things, as we know, are worth the wait.

Evan started at ISDenver in K2, not K1 because he wasn't accepted. We waited.

ISDenver was the only school on our list because of the language immersion, and because it actively celebrates other cultures and instills a global perspective in its students. We wanted Evan to understand and embrace being part of a much larger world. Evan has always had an adventurous heart and been active, but it's been a joy to see his confidence grow during his time at ISDenver. We never would have thought that the shy kid we escorted into the K2 classroom would run a full cross-country race in an inflatable T-Rex costume as a 7th grader.

Evan is smart, clever, funny, curious, resourceful, innovative, and oh-so persistent. At seven-years-old, we’ve seen Evan speak Spanish with a security guard at the Casa Milà museum in Barcelona to retrieve his lost wallet, as well as a confident thirteen-year-old shopping around Madrid with his little sister, talking with the clerks (in Español) and heeding their advice to always watch out for her. Evan is getting the experiences we always wanted for him because the door to the larger world is a little more open thanks to the gift of being able to think and speak in another language.

What has always made ISDenver special is not just the language instruction, but the times when the kids have really learned and experienced the Spanish culture, as well as the French and Chinese cultures through the festivals and their friends in the other programs. We loved all of the language festivals (Coco was the favorite!), the excellent music concerts (thank you Ms. Farkash!), the International Bash, Night of the Tales, Myriam’s yearly Jump for Your Heart in gym, and the times we got to attend Dia de los Rockies. Evan was fortunate to have Alberto as a teacher for 1st and 3rd grade. He loved playing soccer with Alberto and arguing with him about which team is superior: FC Barcelona or Real Madrid (Barca, obviously).

Evan loved his 3rd grade trip to Snow Mountain Ranch in the mountains. His 4th-grade trip was canceled and his 5th-grade study abroad trip to Spain became 6th grade (thanks, Covid), but he, and we, appreciated that ISD still made it happen and that Evan got his incredible experience. He loved the 7th grade Grand Circle trip in Utah. (No masks! All his friends in the other languages!) He's excited for his upcoming 8th-grade trip to Panama. In unofficial surveys with parents at other schools, ISDenver has the best trips.

In middle school, Evan enjoyed participating in the Dragon House games and sports. He’s had a blast playing basketball and soccer with his friends, as well as running track and cross-country. He loves Coach Brittany’s boundless enthusiasm, as well as Coach Rich and Coach Sally’s patient guidance and regular-level enthusiasm. He loved having Mr. Siegel coach 7th grade basketball, as well as being one of the chaperones for the 7th grade trip.

We are thankful to all of Evan's teachers for the excellent education he's received. We're especially thankful to the extra special teachers who not only helped Evan learn but to make it joyful (looking at you, Ms. Schwartz, Alberto, Mr. Siegel, Mr. Cossette, Ms. McCallum, Susana and Myriam). Evan has especially enjoyed Design and Science, as well as the X Blocks. At pick-ups on Mondays this year he has a baked good in his hands, thanks to the Baking X Block. In Evan's early ISDenver years, he never wanted to leave campus. He wanted to play after school with Thompson, making dunks on the small baskets and playing castleball. He loved having Thompson coach 6th grade basketball, as well as Thompson's Comic Studies X Block. (We miss you Thompson!) Before Covid, both of our kids loved just hanging out on the playground after school. It's hard to believe Evan is thirteen and after ten years, will be attending another school. Thank you, ISDenver, for everything you have done for him. Thanks to your excellent teachers and community, he is prepared, had some amazing adventures, has some wonderful friends, is a dual language speaker, and is excited for high school. We’re so proud of Evan for so many reasons, but we are especially impressed that someone who is a bit of an introvert can make friends and build connections across not only the programs but the school as well. It’s an incredible ability that will help him in life, no matter what he chooses to do. We're so excited for Evan’s next phase and for him to shine even brighter. Northfield, here he comes!


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