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We are currently virtual! Why that matters for you as a prospective family.

Why we moved virtual and what that means for you as a prospective family.

Katie Kroeger


The International School of Denver has temporarily shifted all academics to a virtual, remote-learning platform. We made the shift toward social distancing in accordance with best practice, good faith, and expert guidance. The health, safety, and well-being of our community, in mind and in body, will always, always, always be our number one priority.

As the severity and widespreadness of COVID-19 became clearer last week, our leadership team quickly took action to determine what made most sense for our community. The decision to close campus and move academics online serves to, first and foremost, protect our community while doing what is socially responsible to play our role in mitigating the spread of this highly infectious virus.

The shift also does a few things:

  • Maintains a sense of normalcy and routine for students. (And, let's be honest, it gives moms and dads the chance to get some work done, too!)
  • Prevents a disruption in learning for students.
  • Gives students receiving counseling or support services the chance to continue receiving those services virtually.
  • Allows for much-needed community, in a time of isolation and uncertainty.

Look, we aren’t doing this perfectly. A pandemic isn’t something we had planned for or that any of us, for that matter, have needed to worry about in this lifetime. There are going to be hiccups in the deployment of virtual learning, and there already have been. But, we were well positioned to make this move and able to do so quickly. With a growth mindset, and a little grace, we are making it happen.

As a prospective family, this matters. Please know we will always act in the best interest of our community and are nimble enough to move quickly in times of adversity.

For the time being, the campus is closed for tours but we look forward to meeting you very soon. You can also visit our virtual campus, take a virtual tour and hear from our leadership here!

Take very good care.

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