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Video Alumni Profile: Alice and Nico Guin

Alice Guin graduated from Denver International School (DIS, a prior iteration of the International School of Denver) in 2007, and just completed college at Northeastern University, where she studied  international affairs and environmental studies. Her brother, Nico, is currently a 1st grade student in our French program. (Their older brother, Eliot, is also an ISDenver alum and graduated from Trinity University in Texas last year.) Alice took a few minutes to reflect on her years at DIS and discuss her future, while Nico talked about his favorite parts of ISDenver today.


2016-2019 Strategic Plan

ISDenver recently completed a strategic planning process with the overarching goal of transforming into a top-tier international school over the next five years. This included updating the mission, vision, values & beliefs and learning principles of the school. This included input throughout the process from parents, students, faculty, staff and the Board of Directors of ISDenver, through surveys and focus groups conducted by Deb Welch.

Our Strategic Plan