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Kindness Rocks Across ISDenver

ISDenver recently participated in the Kindness Rocks ProjectSM, an initiative that inspires and promotes kindness within communities. 

School Counselor Elizabeth Souba (pictured, left) spearheaded the entire project here, after learning about it in a previous position. As she says, "The Kindness Rocks Project originated in Massachusetts out of a hobby first, but quickly transitioned to something greater. I came across a small garden space in Salem, MA in October 2016, and was instantly inspired. Each year I have been in a school counselor role, I have done a 'Cool to Be Kind' campaign - and after seeing this small Kindness Rocks Project garden, I knew I wanted to bring that to my next school."

The Kindness Rocks project tied in perfectly to ISDenver's Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson In November, which focused on "setting kindness in stone," originating both from the IB Learner Profile trait of Caring, as well as the ISDenver value of Compassion. All our learners were provided a small rock to contribute to our Kindness Rocks garden. Prior to writing a message, students were given time to think about 3 questions: What is kindness? What does kindness look/sound like? What does kindness mean to you?

To sum up the final project, Souba asked our learners for examples of random acts of kindness they have done for or seen done others. The result? An impressive video about both the project and the generosity of our students:

Our students continued with this kindness theme throughout classroom activities in the past few weeks, specifically in ECE, where our K1- K3 classes did acts of kindness for each other: making chocolate covered strawberries; creating books; writing cards; designing bracelets; teaching each other songs in different languages (Like K3 Mandarin class teaching K3 French how to sing 'Jingle Bells' in Mandarin!), and more. 



"We are so often surrounded by such negativity that we forget that sometimes the simplest ways to change that climate is through kindness and compassion. This project was done to help remind each and every one of us of that fact, and to spark inspiration to promote kindness outside of the classroom walls," Souba concluded.

With our inclusive, globally-minded community and service learning-driven curricula, the Kindness Rocks Project was a perfect fit for ISDenver. Learn more about the project here.

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

ISDenver recently completed a strategic planning process with the overarching goal of transforming into a top-tier international school over the next five years. This included updating the mission, vision, values & beliefs and learning principles of the school. This included input throughout the process from parents, students, faculty, staff and the Board of Directors of ISDenver, through surveys and focus groups conducted by Deb Welch.

Our Strategic Plan