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School News and Views

5th Graders Thrive Abroad

On our 5th grade students recently returned from their travels to the countries of their target languages (France, Spain, and China), a highlight of their bilingual, bi-cultural studies. They spent two incredible weeks immersed in the cultures and classrooms abroad, taking part in service activities and culturally relevant projects, and touring the regions!

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Critical Thinking: What It Means and How to Foster it in Your Children

The qualities of being an IB Thinker go beyond the classroom. They are skills to use in your relationships with friends, in planning a summer vacation, or deciding how to complete weekend chores. These are the skills we challenge our learners with in all of their classes, by connecting critical thinking to having a growth mindset. So how do we foster critical thinking in our children? 

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The Productive Struggle

Healthy childhood development needs exposure to adversity -sometimes referred to as “Productive Struggle.” Students need to be exposed to challenges and then work through them. This builds independence, confidence, agency, and helps students to be less prone to crippling frustration.

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