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Staff Appreciation Fund

The Staff Appreciation Fund is inclusive, simple, and greatly appreciated!



FAQ's for Parents

What is the Staff Appreciation Fund?

The Staff Appreciation Fund (SAF) lets ISDenver parents express their appreciation to every staff member – teachers, administrative staff, lunch staff, before & after-care staff, maintenance...EVERYONE! Before the December break, a group of volunteer elves will collect, sort, package, and deliver an envelope with a monetary gift, a holiday card, and personal messages to each staff member.

Why shouldn't I just give my own gift? I'm sure I know best what my child's teacher would like to receive.

Step away from that scented candle and put down that World’s Greatest Teacher mug! Teachers and staff LOVE to receive cash, and giving via the SAF ensures that every member of staff who has contributed to your child’s experience at ISDenver is recognized and appreciated. Best of all, giving via the SAF is EASY. Simply make a monetary contribution and fill out online message forms. We’ll take care of the delivery – and that’s another task checked off your holiday to-do list!

Is the Staff Appreciation Fund the same as Community Giving?

No. ISDenver’s Community Giving campaign collects funds to invest in our school’s growth. The SAF is a PTO committee that collects funds to distribute equitably to each ISDenver faculty/staff member, along with personal holiday messages.

Do we have the participate in the SAF?

The SAF is an easy, convenient and inclusive way to recognize all of the ISDenver staff members who positively impact your child’s life, and participation is optional. Any amount is appreciated. Individual messages from students and families add a personal touch to your gift.

Sounds great! How can my family participate in the Staff Appreciation Fund?

  • Debit and credit card contributions can be made via Paypal here!
  • There will also be SAF collection boxes in the Welcome Center and at the Kimak entrances.
    • Checks and cash are accepted. Checks should be made out to "ISD PTO" 
    • Please remember to write “Holiday Gift” in the memo line of your check
  • Send a personal message to staff members and your teachers 

When is the deadline for submitting messages and funds?

The Paypal collection portal and online message form is now open! Messages and contributions must be received by midnight on Saturday, December 14! We know this is an incredibly busy time of year, but participating in the SAF is a great way to show all of the wonderful people at ISDenver how much we appreciate them.