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If you forgot or need to reset your username or password, please do so in ParentsWeb directly: Click "forgot username/password?" and follow the prompts. Our district code is ISD-CO.

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FACTS/RenWeb and ParentsWeb


ISDenver uses FACTS (formerly RenWeb) Student Information System as our student/family information portal. FACTS is an integrated platform that serves as a one-stop-shop providing parents with access to view student records/attendance, update contact information and more.

The FACTS parent portal is called ParentsWeb. ParentsWeb is a private and secure portal that allows you to see information specific to your children, while protecting your children’s information from others. This includes Student/Family Information portions, Contact Information, Lunch Ordering, Report Cards and more.

Our website Parent Portal uses a single sign-on (SSO) with FACTS/ParentsWeb. When current parents log in to our Parent Portal under "Community Login" above, they are required to use their FACTS username and password. This will also log them into their personal FACTS account which is easily accessible from the Parent Portal.

parents: log into the parent portal (and ParentsWeb) here

RenWeb/ParentsWeb Instructions

Creating a ParentsWeb Account

Click here to begin creating an account

  • On the left side of the screen, click on ‘Create a New ParentsWeb Account’
  • Enter the District Code: ISD-CO
  • Enter your email address (the one you provided to the school) – if this fails, please contact Seth
  • Winnerman at ISDenver so he can help with your email address.
  • Click Create Account
  • FACTS system will immediately email you. Please check the email and link provided to gain
  • access to the page where you can create your username and password. For security purposes, that link will only be active for 6 hours.
  • Click the link in your email – create your username and password
  • Go back to ParentsWeb login
  • Click the Login button - Enter your district code, username and password and click ‘login’.
  • You should now be logged into the system.

Update Your Contact Information and/or Email Address

Enter Your Account

  • Under “School Information,” click on “Web Forms”
  • Click on “Family Demographic Form”
  • For EACH Custodial Parent you would like to receive notifications, click on the “Custodial Parent Form” and review/update Contact Information and Parent Preferences.
  • To update phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc., fill out the Contact Information. Please make sure your home number (if applicable) is listed under “Home Phone” and your Cell number is listed under “Cell Phone.”
  • To choose who receives calls and and notifications/alerts, fill out the Parent Preferences section. Make sure to select “yes” for the phone numbers you would like to receive notifications. If you do not select any additional options, the system is set to automatically notify your cell phone.
  • To receive text message alerts, go to the Parent Preferences section. Make sure your cell phone number is listed under “Cell Phone.” On the last item (Parent Alert: No Texts), select NO if you would like to receive text notifications. If you do NOT want to receive text notifications, select YES.
  • Update any additional info and click “save”
  • Click “return to main form” at the top, and update other forms as needed

You may make updates to your contact information at any time (if you move, have a new pick-up authorization, change medical information, etc.) ISD is notified of all updated information, and all updated medical information is emailed directly to our school nurses as well.