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Did You Know?

All ISDenver students are eligible to ride our bus - including students as young as 3 years old, as the bus has special harnesses installed for their safety.

Bus and Lunch Services

ISDenver offers a variety of additional services to enhance the school experience for students and families alike.

ISDenver school bus

Lunch Service

While the Dragon's Den (our new community space and state-of-the-art cafeteria, featuring catering from SAGE Dining) is under construction, we are pleased to offer our catered lunch program with Grateful Plate Denver. Milk is also included with your meal purchase.

PARENTS: Visit our Parent Portal for more information on how to order lunch this fall and our menus for August, September, and October.


Bus Service

ISDenver is pleased to offer bus service to and from campus, servicing families who live further south or further west of our Lowry campus. All students are eligible to ride the bus, including our three year-olds. Our older students take great pride in caring for and helping our younger students.

In order to focus on education while still delivering a requested service, we are now joining many of our independent school peers in partnering with Sunset Transportation.

Two routes are offered:

West Route: From Lakewood, through the Highlands, and along 6th Avenue to ISDenver

South Route: From Cherry Hills Village to Observatory Park, and over to ISDenver.

Parents: Log into the Parent Portal for more information on our bus services and how to register.