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In 2003, ISDenver started offering Mandarin Chinese language instruction to equip students to navigate a global economy that is increasingly shaped by the world’s most populous country: China.

teacher in Chinese language class

Those who have knowledge of Mandarin and Chinese culture, history and societal values will be uniquely qualified to contribute to the United States’ cultural, economic and political well being.

Instruction is provided exclusively by native Mandarin Chinese speakers.

Accreditation and Pedagogical Affiliations

Hanban logo

ISDenver’s Chinese program has been recognized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters as one of the most prestigious Chinese language proficiency test centers in the US. ISD Mandarin program students may participate in the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) which is a test administered by Hanban to gauge the level of Mandarin language in foreign learners of the language. The Confucius Institute also supports ISD with professional development opportunities, materials, Chinese teaching assistants, technology and additional resources. In 2011, ISD opened one of the first Chinese Arts and Literacy Laboratory (CALL) classrooms in Denver, in affiliation with the Denver Confucius Classroom. The CALL has been implemented in the Mandarin 5th grade classroom.