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ECE/Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

Your educational journey begins here.

preschool students learning in class

ISD’s ECE/Kindergarten Program is composed of Kinder 1 (3-year-olds), Kinder 2 (4-year-olds) and Kinder 3 (5-year-olds).

Children spend 90% of their day learning in and through their target language (French, Spanish or Mandarin), and teachers speak in English only to provide comfort and clarity. Our teachers continually adapt and differentiate their full-immersion, bilingual instruction to meet the needs and interests of the children they teach.

Kinder 1-3 is rooted in the belief that children learn best when exploring with concrete materials in a safe and nurturing environment. They provide developmentally appropriate activities, including free classroom exploration, to promote creativity, imagination, problem-solving, risk-taking and teamwork.