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5 Reasons Your Children Will Benefit from Learning Spanish

A young girl holds a spanish text book to enroll in language classes at the International School of Denver

Taking advantage of your children’s formative years can provide many benefits for their future. This article discusses five important benefits of learning Spanish for kids. Here are a few facts that may surprise you:

  • The United States has the second-highest number of Spanish speaking people in the world
  • Experts think by 2050, about 30% of the people in the U.S. will speak Spanish
  • Early education in Spanish can improve learning skills in all areas

A common misconception is that parents should wait until kids are older to enroll them in private Spanish classes. Actually, the best time for kids to learn Spanish is right away! The earlier children learn a new language, the easier it is to become fluent in it. Why is it important to learn Spanish for young children?

1. Early Language-Development Skills

Many parents are surprised by how amazing language learning is for younger kids. Sometimes it seems like children pick up Spanish automatically. They remember words easily and also pick up the ideas and emotions behind them. You can encourage your child’s developing mind to absorb fantastic communication skills from a young age.

In fact, learning Spanish gives children benefits for other types of language learning as well. Spanish and English both have Latin roots, and so do French, Italian, and Portuguese. Speaking Spanish makes understanding these other languages a lot more straightforward. Nourishing the curiosity of children with Spanish-language concepts can make it easier for them to understand English grammar.

When kids exercise their minds in this way, it can boost their memory, concentration, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. One linguistics expert said that learning a second language “plays a key role in academic readiness and success in school settings.” In other words, you can put your child on the road to excellent grades in school and the university with Spanish language classes.

2. Multi-Cultural Diversity

All work and no play isn’t much fun. It’s a good thing that learning Spanish is a blast! Kids can immerse themselves in the exciting culture of Spanish-speaking countries around the globe. They can learn about delicious tapas and paella from Spain, salsa dancing from Cuba, and afternoon siestas in a hammock from all around South America.

From brilliant flamenco dresses to huge fútbol (soccer) celebrations, Spanish and Latino culture is vibrant. It has popular rock artists such as Shakira and Juanes. Many movie stars speak Spanish as well, including Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. And if there’s one thing every Latino family loves, it’s a good fiesta. Hispanic culture is all about making life feel alive.

Of course, to benefit from this amazing diversity, you need to choose language classes designed to be immersive. At the International School of Denver, we believe in hands-on learning. We know that kids love it when they can participate in fun activities and learn simultaneously. Plus, they learn Spanish much faster that way.

3. Career Placement

Spanish is one of the most important languages for global business. It holds the second spot for the most spoken languages in the world (right behind Mandarin). Almost 500 million people around the world are native Spanish speakers. What does this have to do with your child’s future?

People who are bilingual with English-Spanish are valuable to international corporations. They’re the executives sent on business trips to Europe and South America. Here are some of the career opportunities for Spanish-speaking business professionals:

  • Regional vice president
  • Regional sales director
  • Human resources specialist
  • Marketing manager
  • Hotel/resort manager
  • Information technology consultant
  • Journalist
  • Flight attendant

In the United States, speaking Spanish also provides an advantage in the fields of marketing and healthcare. Over 10% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish at home. That’s why so many businesses are looking for advertising experts who speak Spanish fluently. By allowing your children to learn Spanish, you’re giving them the opportunity to have additional career possibilities that other graduates don’t.

4. Travel Opportunities

Many countries around the world have Spanish as their primary language. These travel destinations have extraordinary architecture, relaxing beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and amazing jungles. And, of course, there’s all of the mouthwatering food, too. Knowing Spanish changes everything if your child ever goes on a class trip to Costa Rica or decides to study abroad in Spain.

Young kids, teens, college students, and adults who speak Spanish have more fun when visiting these exotic places. They can talk with local residents in Europe, Latin America, and South America and learn more about the culture. They can participate in activities without feeling left out. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes look at important destinations and vacation hotspots.

Also, one more thing that parents should know is that speaking Spanish can help your child stay safe if they go abroad in the future. When you can hear and understand what the people around you are saying, it’s easier to recognize red flags and avoid potential dangers.

5. An Easy Language to Pick Up

Spanish can be an easy language to learn, especially for English speakers. The grammar is similar to English, so sentences follow the same basic structure your kids are used to. Many words in Spanish vocabulary are nearly identical to English, making it a breeze for children to learn. Also, Spanish follows specific rules for pronunciation, so kids can pronounce words even when they don’t remember exactly what they mean.

One of the most significant benefits of learning Spanish for kids is that you can find Spanish resources everywhere in the United States, and especially in Denver. Restaurant menus and grocery store labels have Spanish text. Most movies and television programs are available in Spanish, and friends in school may speak Spanish, too. It’s easy for children to remember what they learn when they can practice so easily.

Contact the Admissions Team at ISDenver to schedule a tour and learn more about our Spanish language program! You can also reach out by calling (303) 340-3647.


Image Source: MillaF / Shutterstock

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