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5th Grade French Launches Podcast!

5th Grade French Launches Podcast!

Every day I see the beauty of the bilingual brain all around me. Our students' ability to pivot effortlessly between languages and, what's more, to demonstrate conceptual understanding in multiple languages always leaves me in awe.

Our 5th Grade French students just launched a new blog and I'm so excited to share the first in the series with you. The mastery of the blog as a communications vehicle layered with the delivery of rich and meaningful content in the target language is a perfect example of what it means to be an IB learner at the International School of Denver. 

In these examples, both groups talked about a book they read during their book club. They spoke about the main characters, their story, and how it is related to immigration. 

Both are different, one all in French and one bilingual French/English (each student alternating languages).

Even if you're not a French speaker, it is worthwhile taking a listen to better grasp the proficiency and skillset of our truly bilingual students:

If you want to know more about our multilingual, multicultural, International Baccalaureate education, I'd love to chat!



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