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RISE: Building for a World-Class Experience - A Community-led Capital Campaign at ISDenver

RISE: Building for a World-Class Experience - A Community-led Capital Campaign at ISDenver

The last two years reflect brightly and clearly our community’s shared values and the intentional, mindful actions that flow from them. As the world collectively assessed and responded to the global pandemic, seeking stability and calm in the unknown, while reaching out to those in need - our ISDenver community was no different. As the impact of the pandemic reached every household, our community stepped up to take care of all its members in a time of great uncertainty and need through the Pay It Forward Fund. 

Similarly, our community rose to the opportunity to meet the needs of our entire community, both now and in the future: ISDenver had physically outgrown its existing infrastructure - this is where the RISE Campaign came into play: the largest community-led philanthropic capital campaign in the school’s history. RISE, led by an inspired, generous, and committed steering committee made up of board members and parents, was formed to fund the construction of a new academic building, now the Mary Louise Evans Building. Families joined their fellow peers and teachers in support of a building intentionally designed by our teachers for our learners - creating a thriving hub for our entire community and home to the Middle School (once scattered across several buildings!).

As a result, spaces were created that were right for our community:

  • Open assembly space where everyone belongs
  • Unifying grade-level learning pods that include light-filled spaces for collaborating, breaking out, drilling down, and looking forward
  • Providing professional work suites for faculty to work, connect, and take a break
  • Integrating student support services to better serve students with learning differences
  • Establishing a dedicated home for care and clubs
  • And so much more! And, as our Middle School Principal, Rob Kapner says, we continue to learn from our students, creative ways to interact in these dynamic spaces.

Our Head of School Bob Carignan has said, “this building doesn’t look like the schools you and I grew up in -- nor should it.”  Every aspect of the design is purposeful, designed by our faculty, uniquely for our learners. The Middle Years Programme (MYP) experience at ISDenver is all about kids; the design of the new building adds wings to a program we’re already proud of.

We continue to come back to our values when the opportunity presents itself - returning to the heart of who we are: we are more than a school –  we are an inclusive, globally-minded community that develops compassionate and curious global citizens through language and culture. 

Together, we RISE, in the spirit of our unique commitment to a better, shared future, one student at a time.

Thank you for your support, for making this vision a reality, for being a part of what makes our school so special – our community.

Thinking about my educational philosophy, and what truly drives my love for what I do, is encompassed in giving students the opportunity to define themselves as learners. Giving students the time to figure out what works, what type of space ignites creative inspiration, or perhaps what type of space provides the opportunity to focus and drone out the rest of the world. It is different for each and every one of us.

The MLE building is the epitome of this philosophy. I cannot express my gratitude enough in coming to a place that consistently instills this message to our students, ‘The way you learn best, is the right way.’ Thank you.

-Lauren Cantor, IB MYP Coordinator


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