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An Origin Story: Our Mascot, Sparky the Dragon

The legend tells of a kind and brave dragon, one of unknown origin, who lives deep within the heart of the Rocky Mountains. No race or creed or gender can define the dragon, the dragon is simply known by friends near and far as Sparky.

Sparky first arrived at the International School of Denver in 2019 (although the origin story dates Sparky to the school’s opening in 1977) to an excited throng of ISDenver students, who immediately smothered them with hugs. Love at first sight, which a dragon very well may not have been used to in the past! 

The connection to the school is understandable when you get to know Sparky. A scholar, with more questions than answers, Sparky pursues sciences, mathematics, languages, and the arts with playfulness and curiosity. Sparky is a friend to all. On the athletics field, Sparky is a fierce competitor. But, most importantly, Sparky works hard, plays fair, and is a team player. The exact qualities that exemplify all our ISDenver learners, too.

Could Sparky have been attracted by ISDenver’s generous spirit of Community Giving? Is Community Giving calling out for them to stay? We do know this--that Community Giving dollars are helping to protect Sparky: since they are so in demand with appearances at athletic games, school-wide events, and even ribbon-cutting ceremonies for all our exciting upcoming projects, Sparky has been sent on a little trip to be outfitted with a special hard hat. The very next time we have a Sparky sighting they will be safe from harm wearing their spiffy new hat! 

Sure, the lore may speak of a fire-breathing dragon – one that flies on the wind of the Rockies. But, beyond the lore, you will find the embodiment of  who we are, or at least, who we might be:

  • Diversity.
  • Integrity.
  • Compassion.
  • Responsibility.
  • Perseverance.

And, perhaps, above all--generosity. Thanks to your commitment to giving, Sparky thrives.



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Agency in Action. Students explore concept of power through transdisciplinary mash up!

Eighth Grade Visual Arts and Lang&Lit students recently delved into the construct of power. The objective was to understand, critically analyze, and personally apply the concept through their own lens.

This mash-up project is more than just a cool collab across disciplines, it demonstrates student agency in action.

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MYP Students Attend STAMP Virtual Conference

Fourteen of our MYP students were able to attend the STAMP virtual learning conference, run and organized by High School leaders from across the area. STAMP is also part of a bigger network of diversity and inclusion, CIRCLE (Connecting Inclusive, Responsive Communities Leading Education). G4-G8 Counselor Annie Barocas provides an enlightening synopsis of the conference and our students experiences.

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