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ISDenver Hosts Education Advisor from Spain Education Office

ISDenver Hosts Education Advisor from Spain Education Office

From November 30th to December 2nd, the International School of Denver (ISDenver) had the distinct honor of hosting María Luisa Vázquez Pestonit, the Education Advisor from the Education Office, Embassy of Spain. This visit, coordinated by Maria Rodriguez Marcos, the Spanish Program Director at ISDenver, was a significant opportunity to enhance collaboration and understanding between the Spanish Education Office and ISDenver, as an International Spanish Academy Institution. 

Visiting Spanish Dual Language Immersion Programs:

On Thursday, María Luisa and Maria Rodriguez visited Spanish Visitor Teachers actively involved in the Dual Language Immersion programs within the Thompson School District. As the Educational Advisor and the representative responsible for pre-selecting Spanish visitor teachers in Colorado, they work closely to ensure a seamless integration of these educators into the American educational system.

Meeting with District Representatives:

On Friday, María Luisa and Maria Rodriguez hosted a meeting at ISDenver with representatives from various districts interested in hiring Spanish visitor teachers. María Luisa explained the intricacies of the program and outlined the duties and responsibilities expected from the host districts or schools. District representatives shared positive feedback about the high-quality teachers, emphasizing their positive experiences.

The meeting showcased the success of the program and its positive impact on districts, with a unanimous sentiment among representatives: "High-quality teachers with great experience."

In the afternoon, Maria Luisa visited ISDenver Spanish classes. She interacted with the students only in Spanish and was able to see  first hand the good quality of the ISDenver program.

Engaging with Spanish Visitor Teachers:

On Saturday, María Luisa and Maria Rodriguez met with a group of Spanish visitor teachers at ISDenver. The session covered essential legal themes, including VISA requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for educators to the American education landscape. Beyond bureaucratic aspects, the meeting also fostered discussions on cultural adjustments and navigating new environments.

The collaborative efforts between the Spanish Embassy, the International School of Denver, and the participating districts highlight the success of the Visiting Teachers Program and its positive impact on both teachers and host communities. This initiative not only reinforces educational objectives but also contributes to the broader goals of cultural exchange and understanding.




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