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ISDenver hosts Speech and Debate Tournament, places in 3 categories

ISDenver hosts Speech and Debate Tournament, places in 3 categories

On February 9th, ISDenver hosted a Speech and Debate Tournament with seven schools and over 100 participants. Students took part in Public Forum, Oral Interpretation, Original Oratory, and Impromptu - events that students will be able to compete in high school. Judges consisted of ISDenver alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and high school students who are competing within the National Speech and Debate Association. ISDenver students placed in three of five categories: Varsity Public Forum, Novice Public Forum, and Original Oratory.

The league is symbolc of so much of what ISDenver stands for. Students are taught to use their voices with poise, listen to the opposing side, and further develop argumentative skills.

-Lauren Cantor, Speech and Debate Coach, MYP Coordinator

When the Head of Facilities, John Gibbons, finished judging Oral Interpretation, he had tears in his eyes.

These kids are telling me their stories. Their real stories, it’s just so incredible.

- John Gibbons

This is the pinnacle of what this team is all about, having the space and support to share a piece of yourself such that others will listen and further their empathy.

The Middle School Speech and Debate club was launched as an in-house extracurricular activity in 2018. The team comprised 15 students and there was one final in-house meet at the end of the year. This seed was planted and has continued to flourish over the last six years into an established league of independent, charter, and public middle schools all over the Front Range of Colorado.

A new Speech and Debate-inspired after-school program has been added for students in grades 3-5.

We hope that the earlier students learn the art of Speech and Debate, the more likely they will understand the power of their words.In looking out at the Dragon Steps on Friday evening, it was a true testament for the power of community, as all members there are in it to help support our future leaders in using their voice to speak their truth and further create positive change.

-Lauren Cantor

A special thank you to Coaches Lauren Cantor and Debra McQueen.



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