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Spring Traditions for our International Community

Spring Traditions for our International Community

With Passover starting next week, it got us thinking about how else our community celebrates Spring.

Sisters Sydney (Grade 4 Spanish) and Olivia (K3 Spanish) celebrate Purim.

For the holiday of Purim we make a special cookie called Hamantaschen. This triangular shaped cookie is filled with different jams and is a favorite to eat and make at our house.

Jonas (K3 French) celebrates Easter and Festa Junina. But, he points out, that it is currently not Spring in Brazil.

The festival is mainly celebrated on the eves of the Catholic solemnities of Saint Anthony, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Peter. It is celebrated in the whole country (Brazil). We serve special food, dress up and dance.

Charlie’s Family (G3 Spanish) loves to hit the slopes in Spring,

Spring skiing, spring cleaning, starting to light up the grill and play outside at nights more” is what they look forward to.

Mother’s Day gardening is another favorite family tradition.

Every Mother's Day, we gather to plant flowers for my mother's patio.  It's something she looks forward to every year, in getting the patio ready full of her favorite pots and flowers, to enjoy spring flowers and the start of outdoor-time.

 From Holi to Ramadan, Passover to Noruz, Easter to Mother's Day, we love seeing how our vibrant community celebrates Spring with family and friends!



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