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Impact Report



Letter from Head of School

Through the 2021-22 school year, I guess we learned the answer to the proverbial question, “What’s harder than running a school in a year with a pandemic outbreak?” The answer: trying to run a school in a year with three distinct outbreaks—beginning, middle, and end.

In doing everything we could to keep our students safe, and under the amazing guidance of our nurses, we turned our school into testing and vaccination clinics, both of which required a huge amount of school resources and commitment from our staff. We also reignited something integral to the ISDenver experience: Classroom without Walls. Trips took students from across the city to around the world (see pages 13-14).

There were certainly many more high notes throughout the year, but the biggest was the opening of our new Mary Louise Evans (MLE) building, which has proven to be more than we had hoped. We can’t thank our RISE Campaign leaders and donors enough for leaving their mark on generations of ISDenver students and faculty. 

Thank you to our wonderful faculty, parents, and donors for moving us forward this year and under very difficult conditions. - Bob Carignan, Head of SchoolThe stories behind the generosity of RISE donors are so compelling that we used the pages of this year’s Impact Report to collect a sampling of them. The name behind each new space, the intention behind every brick laid, is the story of our global community. I hope you’ll be as inspired by these stories as I am and that the next time you step into MLE, you’ll feel a stronger connection to the collective effort and generosity of those who helped to build it.

MLE is a wonderful educational and community gathering space (for our ISDenver community and our larger community) and an amazing place to show off our visual and performing arts programs. On pages 10-11, you’ll see how the MLE Learning Center was transformed into a gallery showcasing 8th grader’s exploration of creativity. What’s more, Celebration of Learning performances on the Dragon Steps were a fantastic way to gather as a community among the divisions and cap off the year.  

Perhaps most importantly, we also moved the school forward strategically with the day-to-day operations in this unique time. Our Primary and ECE faculty worked tirelessly to begin implementing our IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)—never an easy task. We also completed our year-long ACIS self-study, enabling us to pave the way for our accreditation visit in December 2022.

Thanks to each of you, we are creating a culture of philanthropy that is beginning to equal our peer schools. Your support is what makes the entire ISDenver Experience not only possible but truly awesome.

Finally, and this is something I have stated often, the wholehearted individual commitment and dedication from our staff that your children received are almost unimaginable relative to the situation the staff has worked through. The idea that they have known and loved your children and created a safe space for them to grow when those spaces are not typical in today’s world is something that we should all be the most grateful for. 

Sit close to your children, and thank you for everything.

Bob Carignan

Letter from Board Chair

It takes all of us together to create a space where all of our learners are prioritized, our staff feels valued, and we create a sustainable future for the school.I’ll never stop saying it: this school—this community—is really special. The ISDenver experience is something that simply isn’t found elsewhere. It is about your kids. Our teachers. This incredible immersion program. And the amazing achievements of it all coming together. Which is all made possible by our culture of philanthropy. 

From Gala to Giving Tuesday to the RISE campaign, the ISDenver community rose up in the face of unprecedented adversity. Together, you not only raised $4M to build an award-winning academic building but also contributed so generously to Community Giving that you ensured our school moved forward strategically despite an ongoing global pandemic.  

I’d like to thank you for your continued support of the International School of Denver and for helping us build a school committed to creating global citizens who are biliterate, self-driven, and compassionate. -Kurt Pletcher, Board Chair

Our culture of philanthropy  is embodied in this year’s Impact Report. The amount and the reason behind every gift are deeply personal, as you’ll see in the stories shared. Our collective mission of creating a more curious and compassionate world, one student, one donation at a time, is at the heart of it all.

Thank you for caring deeply about our global community. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Kurt Pletcher

Our Financial Health

Thank You to Our Donors

The following list of individuals and organizations represents the donors who have made gifts from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

+ Rise Campaign Donor
* Faculty/Staff

With appreciation to:

It’s always the right time to invest in our learners and community.
Thank you for your ongoing support!