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Thank You to all who took part in April’s Global Gala to

celebrate our outstanding faculty,

honor Thompson Mahon as the inaugural faculty philanthropist,

and rally in support of the Dragon's Den! 


2 Families challenged and inspired us with a collective $150K match

4 Families jumped in as presenting, entertainment, photobooth, and late night snack sponsors

7 Gala Gurus partnered with the school to plan and execute every last detail

13 Families donated items used in the live auction, instant buys, and raffle

31 Families sponsored 65 faculty attendees

110 Families, faculty, staff, and friends donated

335 parents, faculty, staff, and friends attended


The impact of our collective efforts?     

$282,000 donated + $150,000 match fully realized, total

$432,000 raised in support of the Dragon's Den

Gala 2019 Video: Here's to Our Kids' Future

This is our largest fundraising event in support of our outstanding students, faculty, and programs. Proceeds from the Gala support Community Giving.

Questions? Contact Advancement Associate Keegan O'Neil.



Presented By



Sponsored By



ICYMI: #ThompsonTalks Gala!




Who's Invited?

On the night of Gala, there’s no such thing as "too many chefs in the kitchen." Gala is open to all who are inspired by the learners of ISDenver -- all parents, faculty, and staff are invited to join us in celebrating everything about our school!

Why should I come?

Can you smell what we’re cookin’? Our annual Gala is ISDenver’s premier fundraising event, which supports our outstanding learners, faculty, and programs. While all Gala gifts are customarily directed to our ISDenver Priorities Fund, this year we’re doing an incredible project with that fund:  we’re transforming the Lower School basement into the Dragon’s Den. You’ll smell what’s cookin’ -- and you’ll be thrilled with what you taste! 

This is an incredible opportunity for us to rally together as a community and fund a project that will transform our campus in amazing ways. We’re looking to raise at least $300K to fund the entire project, from plans to plates. 

I'm in! What can I do to make Dragon's Den a reality?

Piece of cake!  We raise money through:

  • raffle ticket sales
  • an incredible live auction featuring you-can’t-just-buy-this-yourself experiences
  • a couple ‘instant buy’ opportunities to purchase individual tickets to unique outings
  • Reserved parking spots around campus go to the highest bidder
  • And it all culminates in a paddle raise frenzy of epic generosity

We invite everyone to go bananas in the raffle and the paddle raise -- even if you cannot attend! 

Raffle tickets will be available the entire week of April 1-5 -- just look for the red balloons at one of the gates during drop off / pick up, or stop by the Welcome Center anytime between 8:15 - 4:30 to purchase your tickets (1 for $100, 3 for $250). Tickets will also be for sale at Gala. We usually sell less than 100 tickets, so your odds are great!

What do I wear?

ISDenver’s Gala is the best of both worlds when it comes to partying with pizazz! You can run as far as you’d like with a costume, or keep it simple and posh with your favorite cocktail attire. We’re drawing our inspiration from our children and the color red this year:  like your children, red is radiant and inspires us to love openly, give generously, and act boldly. No need to sweat the attire -- just be cool as a cucumber and you’ll blend right in. 

Want more inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board!

How do I purchase tickets and what are prices?

Easy Peas-y tickets can be purchased here!

Prices are listed below; prices increase one week prior to the event to reflect the increased cost for additional food and beverage. 

Ticket Options

‘Early Bird’ Discount

Regular Price

Individual Ticket
One general admission to Global Gala. Ticket includes cocktail hour, seated dinner, open bar, wine service, entertainment, late night snack, and free post-event admission to Tracks Nightclub.

$145 (through March 30)


Two general admissions to Global Gala. Ticket includes cocktail hour, seated dinner, open bar, wine service, entertainment, late night snack, and free post-event admission to Tracks Nightclub.

$290 (through March 30)


Teacher/Staff Voucher (sponsor)
Purchase a ticket to fund one teacher admission to Global Gala. Note: tickets are assigned later to teachers who indicate their desire to attend. All full-time faculty and staff are invited to attend for free on a sponsored ticket.



Companion Ticket (Teacher/Staff guest)



Ruby Red Reserved Table (reserved table/10 seats)
Ten (10) admissions to Global Gala with a reserved table. Tickets include cocktail hour, seated dinner, open bar, wine service, entertainment, late night snack, and free post-event admission to Tracks Nightclub. Reserved table guests enjoy dinner table wine service, open bar, and entertainment. Additionally, Ruby Reserved guests will enjoy special pre-set cocktails at their table.



  • Reserved tables can be purchased by groups of 10; one person can buy the entire table outright, or guests can purchase their tickets individually.
  • Gala is entirely mobile - no paper tickets will be issued!
  • Please register prior to the event (you get a text when you buy your ticket) -- that will make check-in a breeze and you’ll be enjoying the cocktail hour in no time.

I'd like to buy a full table, host a table with guests purchasing their own tickets, or am going to be a guest at someone's table. How do I get my table or ticket?

  • If you would like to purchase a full table (includes 10 admissions to Global Gala with a reserved table, plus pre-set cocktails at the table), head to our ticket site and click the 'Ruby Reserved Table - 10 seats." Please list the names of the other attendees during the purchase process. If possible, please provide your guests' email addresses, so that they can be contacted to register on our site for auction bidding. 

If you don't yet know who all will be sitting at your table, you can enter these names later (or email to have us enter them in for you).  

  • If you are hosting a table but having your guests purchase their tickets individually, please come up with a name for your table, and ask that your guests enter this name under the 'Company or Group Name' field when buying their ticket on our site, so we can ensure all guests are seated correctly. (Be sure to buy your own seat as well using the 'Ruby Reserved Table - 1 seat' option!)
  • If you are buying an individual ticket at someone else's table, please head to our ticket site and purchase a 'Ruby Reserved Table - 1 seat.' Please be sure to enter your table's name (contact your table host) under the 'Company or Group Name' field, and our system will automatically group you with the correct table.

What are the Sponsorship Opportunities?

ISDenver partners annually with generous supporters to help present the most memorable moments of our fundraising gala. This year we are pleased to share exclusive opportunities that make a bold statement of your belief in premier international education and bilingualism as a path to global citizenship. 

ISDenver offers five exclusive sponsorship opportunities:

Presenting Sponsor ($6,500) - SOLD!

3D GIF Photobooth Sponsor ($5,000SOLD!

Entertainment Sponsor ($5,000) SOLD!

Late Night Snack Sponsor ($1,500) SOLD!

Thank you to our sponsors, listed below!

What about my kids? I need a sitter!

YES! Take a night off from lamenting - don’t cry over spilt milk - by hiring a sitter from Nanno! which provides on-demand, background checked childcare. If you’re not already a member of Nanno, sign up (for FREE) using this invitation code.

(Nanno charges $20/hr for up to 2 kids, and $25/hr for up to 4 kids.)

Is there a silent auction or a raffle?

At Global Gala, the cocktail hour is devoted to having fun! No worrying about what items are available or if you’re staying on top of the bidding. Just grab a drink, chew the fat, and enjoy the evening. The majority of our fundraising comes from the paddle raise, which maximizes your impact,  convenience, and tax deductibility!

Instead of a silent auction, we offer a couple of unique culinary experiences (fixed price, space limited) and a handful of reserved parking spaces (highest bid wins), as well as the one-of-a-kind packages offered in the live auction. 

Silent auction and instant buys are available now through 7:45 p.m. Saturday, suspended until 9 p.m., then open for a half hour from 9 - 9:30 p.m. And you can still bid from home! 

Raffle tickets will be available the entire week of April 1-5 -- just look for the red balloons at one of the gates during drop off / pick up, or stop by the Welcome Center anytime between 8:15 - 4:30 to purchase your tickets (1 for $100, 3 for $250). Tickets will also be available at Global Gala. We usually sell less than 100 tickets -- so your odds are great!

What's the format for the evening?

  • Cocktails (5:30 to 7:00 PM) with a focus on fun: DJ, open bar, apps, and a GIF photo booth
  • Seated dinner and wine service with concurrent program (7:30 PM). The program is the big cheese, including: faculty, staff, and sponsor recognition; live auction, video premier, paddle raise; and raffle drawing.
  • After Party aka … It’s all gravy from here! (9:00 to 11:30 p.m.), which includes dessert (and coffee!), DJ, dancing, the bars are still open, we add a late night snack, and you can keep hitting up the GIF photo booth (so you can splash it on social immediately)!

What's the parking situation?

EXDO has one parking lot behind the building with room for approximately 100 vehicles; aside from this, parking is limited in the surrounding neighborhood. We encourage all of our guests to use Lyft, Uber, or the LightRail for the event. Please do not drink and drive.

I can't attend but want to support our community! How can I help?

In the words of Pavaratti, “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” We understand that not everyone can attend, all for very good reasons! Wherever you’ll be, please stop and devote your attention to a great meal while thinking of the new culinary experience for our children starting next year!

We invite everyone to sponsor a teacher to attend, participate in the raffle (need not be present to win), purchase an instant-buy culinary experience, bid on the parking spaces, and make a donation via our mobile bidding site. If you have your heart set on one of our amazing live auction packages, contact Keegan O’Neil to discuss appointing a ghost bidder or bidding by phone!


P.S. Did you know? Gifts of $500 or more qualify for a 50% tax credit back to you!