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Pay It Forward Fund


We are pleased to establish the Pay It Forward Fund as an opportunity for community members to support ISDenver families confronting the difficult decisions surrounding how to keep their child(ren) enrolled at ISDenver.

pay it forward today

Our first priority is to ensure currently enrolled families can continue to have ISDenver an academic and social home for their child(ren). 

Put bluntly, there are few notions more gut-wrenching than the thought of adding scholastic disruption to the world of a child and family already confronting unprecedented uncertainty. On the economic front alone, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken paychecks, jobs, and entire businesses away from so many in our community. It has also meant that many among us have risked their and their family’s physical welfare to serve on the front lines as essential personnel during a time when so much of our country -- including all of Colorado - are under strict directions to stay home. For these families, staying home is not an option; childcare is a necessity. 

The Pay It Forward Fund will be used at the discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee to offer supplemental tuition relief awards for currently enrolled  families who otherwise may not be able to stay with our community for the 2020-21 academic year. Unlike traditional Financial Assistance, which provides  a one-time reduction that is applied to the tuition due for the year, Pay It Forward Awards will offer short-term tuition relief for families, determined on an as-needed basis.

The 2020-21 Financial Assistance funds have already been fully allocated. It could be that a family needs help for one month of tuition while their self-owned business gets back on its feet; it could be that someone only needs a partial tuition reduction for a couple of months as they await a paycheck.

The Pay It Forward Fund will be used to assist in these instances to help ease the burden that our friends and family in the ISDenver community are bearing. 

“If you’re struggling to make tuition payments, my answer today is the same as it was one year ago, and the same I hope it will be one year from now:  talk with us -- let us know. We are absolutely going to do everything in our power to ensure you remain a part of the ISDenver community. While we do what we can with our Financial Assistance -- greatly expanded over the past few years thanks to our generous Community Giving donors -- COVID-19 is putting unprecedented financial strains on our families. We value you. We care about you. We don’t want you adding the stress of changing schools to everything you’re already dealing with.”

- Head of School Bob Carignan 

pay it forward today