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Tax Benefits

The International School of Denver is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and independent school. Your philanthropic investment in our community is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Maximize Your Dollars with the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Thanks to the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCCTC), donors to ISDenver's Community Giving funds may realize a Colorado state income tax credit equal to 50% of their total contribution. This tax credit is in addition to the regular state and federal income tax deduction.

What does this mean? It means your donation can go much further than you might think. For example, you might consider a $500 donation this year; with the 50% tax credit, you might consider doubling that to make a $1,000 donation, and offset the cost of the increased gift with the $500 reduction in Colorado state income taxes. For more information, please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

An ISDenver Donation Tax Savings Example*

Contribution to ISDenver Community Giving$100$250$1,000$5,000
Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (50%)($50)($125)($500)($2,500)
Colorado & Federal Income Tax Deduction*($18)($42)($173)($867)
After-Tax Cost$32$81$327$1,633

*This example is for illustrative purposes only. The Federal income tax deduction is determined using the following calculation (based on $1,000 contribution): ($1,000 – $546) x 28% = $127; State income taxes are 4.63%.

Enter your donation amount and tax rate to calculate the likely out-of-pocket cost of your philanthropic investment:

Donation amount $
Federal tax rate
Colorado tax rate
Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit (CCCTC) $
Savings from Federal deduction $
Savings from Colorado deduction $
Savings this year $
Reduction of Federal deduction for Colorado tax on next year's return $
Net savings $

CCCTC Guidelines:

  • The maximum credit you may take in any one year is $100,000 or your actual Colorado income tax liability for the year, whichever is less. However, any unused credit may be carried forward for up to five additional tax years.
  • Only monetary donations are eligible. In-kind gifts, such as stock or other securities, labor, or equipment do not qualify for the tax credit.
  • Contributions for which an Enterprise Zone Credit is taken are not eligible for this credit.
  • As required by law, the International School of Denver will provide each donor with a signed statement confirming the amount of the monetary contribution eligible for the credit and the eligible purpose for which the contribution will be used.

Please note: This information is not intended to be used as tax advice. ISDenver and the ISDenver Board of Directors are not responsible for tax deduction claims. For complete understanding of how you may benefit from tax deductions and credits, please consult your tax adviser.

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