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Bob's Blog

Dragon's Den and Campus Master Plan Meeting

Hi All,

Thank you for supporting our school and our students so generously! Gala was a great night, you "ISDenverites" certainly know how to throw a great party, and how to make a wonderful project happen.

We are so excited about being able to begin work on the Dragon's Den. This will be a space that helps us to build community, allows us to invite outsiders in to see what we are all about, creates a setting that our students are proud of and serves their needs. Our goal is to also allow our faculty and staff to eat lunch for free, that way the community will gather together for lunches. This central hub will also help us to attract, retain, and engage all of our constituents. As I mentioned Saturday night, every Head of School that has had this opportunity to make a space like this, has told me that it is a "before and after" moment for the school!

In the same exciting light, this is the beginning of a wonderful conversation about what our campus can be. Led by the Board's Building and Facilities committee, our architects (Venture Architects) and our school leadership conducted over thirty interviews with our different constituent groups to get input on a Campus Master Plan. We are thrilled that the architects will be here tomorrow morning; they will meet with faculty and staff at 7:45 a.m., and with parents at 8:30 a.m. after drop-off, in the cafeteria. Please come by to hear about all the thought that went into a plan that will guide our facilities decisions for the next 25+ years.

This is a great time to be at ISDenver and to work together to continue the momentum. As I told our faculty on Monday - I am so happy that I am here, and I am grateful for this opportunity every day!

All the best,

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It’s time to get back to who. we. are.  As we’ve evolved, we inevitably became everything to everyone. First and foremost, we will maintain our crystal focus on language and culture -- two of the pillars of global citizenship. 

Community isn’t just about who we are or how we engage with each other - it’s also about shared values. This year, we will be opening up more opportunities through coffees and minglings to answer questions on our vision and the opportunities in our future. These will include both enhancements and additions to our facilities (super exciting) and ensuring that our academics are world class by any measure across four languages and cultures - we will be the best school academically, anywhere, period.

Our students are fluent in an immersion language and are strong researchers, mathematicians, problem solvers, collaborators, and inquirers who leave us ready to thrive in their next steps. That is what we want for our global learners: students who are inter-culturally adept and will make positive contributions in a complex world. That is our mission; that is who we are, and who we will be.

Looking Forward to the Future, Which Means Fond Farewells

As with every year, not everyone will be returning to experience our plans for the future. While we are always sad to say goodbye, we choose to focus on celebrating upcoming adventures and are eagerly looking to the future for all involved. 

Important Updates on Safety and Academics

ISDenver completed an audit earlier this year with the industry leader in school safety. While we received high scores for what we are already doing (noted for being among the most secure campuses), we are also working to improve our safety and are committed to doing so – period.