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Did You Know?

Recent studies have shown that multilingual exposure improves not only children's cognitive skills, but also their social abilities.

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Why Bilingual and Multicultural Education

The value of an interdisciplinary, bilingual, and multicultural education goes far beyond learning an additional language.

When more than half the world’s population is bilingual, mastering a second language is a vital step towards joining the global community.


Bilingual Benefits

Cognitive Advantages

Children who begin language immersion at a young age benefit from:

  • Increased mental flexibility (source)
  • More efficient use of the brain (source)
  • Higher willingness to learn a third language, and and an increased analytical orientation to language (source)
  • Perform higher on verbal standardized tests conducted in English, plus higher in math and logic skills than children with just one language (The College Board, 2003)

Social / Emotional / Interpersonal Advantages

Learning a second language aids children in:

  • Building self-esteem, creativity, problem-solving skills, and math abilities (source)
  • Maintaining a strong sense of their own identity while developing sensitivity towards other people and cultures (source)
  • A head start in competition for universities and jobs; individuals proficient in multiple languages and at ease in multiple cultures have more opportunities (source)

Additional Resources

But our students don’t just learn a second language – they become immersed in the culture of countries and communities around the world, thanks to the globally minded community of families, faculty and staff right here at ISDenver. This helps our students become inter-culturally adept global citizens.

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